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Estate Planning Frequently Asked Questions

The answers to some of the most frequently asked questions we get, are provided below. We’re happy to answer your specific questions, please contact us and let’s sit down together to discuss your estate planning matters.

What is included in Estate Planning?

Estate planning, in basic terms, includes the preparation of documents to help effectively manage your unique circumstances. Typically, this includes the preparation of Wills, Trusts, Financial and Health Care Powers of Attorney.

How do I create an estate plan?

When you schedule your appointment, we will ask you to complete a few forms prior to your first visit to provide us with information regarding you, your family, your finances, and your specific needs and goal. Armed with this information, we will be able to make sure that our time spent together is more productive.

What is the the Kuwamura Law Group’s role in my estate plan?

After developing a comprehensive plan together during our first meeting, the skilled attorneys at the Kuwamura Law Group will provide you with an accurate summary of the meeting. The Kuwamura Law Group will then draft the documents needed to carry out your wishes and provide you with an explanation of the documents. The attorneys at the Kuwamura Law Group are available to answer any questions you may have about your drafts and to make any changes you may desire. Once your desires are accurately memorialized in your estate planning documents, an attorney from the Kuwamura Law Group will schedule a meeting with you to sign the documents.

How is the Kuwamura Law Group different from other estate planning firms?

The goal of the attorneys at the Kuwamura Law Group is to make sure you understand the mechanics of your estate plan. The Kuwamura Law Group uses a commonsense approach to estate planning. Although we cannot avoid the use of legal terminology, we will help you understand the options available to you in a language that is comfortable and easy to understand. We take the mystery out of the process for you.

What are QDROs?

Qualified Domestic Relation Orders (“QDRO’s”) are needed in property and separation agreements to properly divide retirement assets between the former spouses. Kuwamura Law Group services includes the preparation of QDROs.

Do I need to decide on a Power of Attorney now?

An estate plan is not complete without financial and health care powers of attorney. The Kuwamura Law Group assists clients with the creation and use of Powers of Attorney for financial, legal matters and health care decisions. Power of Attorney documents provide individuals with an avenue to receive assistance in making decisions regarding financial, legal and health care matters.

Why do I need to set up a guardianship?

A guardianship is a legal proceeding. Guardianships can arise from a multitude of reasons. Guardianships are generally sought when an individual is unable, for various reasons, to make sound decisions regarding his or her financial, legal and health care matters. At the Kuwamura Law Group, we assist individuals and families with guardianship matters for adults and minors. We will assist you in navigating the legal system to obtain the proper result. At the Kuwamura Law Group, we are aware of the significance of guardianships, and we work closely with the interested parties to respect the rights of such parties.